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DIY Table Saw #3 – Lift Mechanism v.2.0 | Redesign

Lift mechanism v2.0

In this video I redesign the DIY table saw lift mechanism to stabilize it. I mount some bracings and cross beams and then mount the new hgr15 linear rails and the lead screw. In the end I give it all a test 🙂

I’m going to dismantle the old rails. I’m going to use two of the best blocks I have left over from this here on this sled or carriage.

Now you have seen me rebuild the sled, put on two bearing blocks on each side on the sled this makes the sled very sturdy so i think that is going to be very okay. As i showed you previous in this video i have gotten my new rails, these are four HDR15 rails which is 200millimeters, long that’s 20 centimeters.

So far so good, now that i have put on all the braces and put in the rails that i need. I think this is going to be a good solution and everything seems very solid, my hopes are high! With that said i am now thinking about using some aluminum to make a plate from this bearing block, to this bearing block. Going across like so this is going to give me one more axis of stiffness. So i want to cut this plate in half and i’m also going to cut some in the length. I think this is going to give me the stability i need.

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DIY Table Saw build series:
#1: https://youtu.be/fef8vz4DaEM
#2: https://youtu.be/rlSCO2XgK7Y
#3: https://youtu.be/ELL7nuj_QvI
#4: TBA

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3D-Model files (This model is under construction and WILL be changed before final version!!)
👉WorkInProgress_Table Saw LIFT_TILT v81.f3d
➡️WorkInProgress_Table Saw LIFT_TILT v81.step
🙌WorkInProgress_Table Saw LIFT_TILT v81.stl

Cut Lists for the whole table saw (18mm Plywood):

Cutlist for the table saw with measurements.
Cut List


Cutlist for the table saw with measurements.
Cutlist for the table saw with measurements.


Cutlist for the table saw with measurements.
Cutlist for the table saw with measurements



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