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LETTERS with TABS | MDF | Fusion360 | CNC project

I want to try cutting some letters made in Fusion 360 out of MDF material on my DIY CNC machine. Here I try a new milling approach where I use a rough pass with high cutting feedrate and shallow pass depth per pass while leaving stock for the finish. Then I do a finishing pass with slower cutting feedrate all around the letters. The result was not the best but I learned a lot from this little project and I hope you do to.

Router / spindle CNC Bits / tools I use:
3.175mm Shank 30 Degree 0.2mm Titanium Coated Carbide CNC Bit Router Tool:
2-12mm Solid Carbide End Mill 2 Flute Slot Drills 2-12mm End Mill Cutter CNC Tool:
3.175mm Carbide CNC 2 Flute Spiral Bits End Mill Router 22mm CEL:
Drillpro 1-10mm 4 Flutes Tungsten Carbide End Mill Cutter HRC50 End Mill Cutter CNC Tool:
60 Degree 3D CNC Router V Groove Bit Wood Working Parts:
Drillpro RB21 1/4 Inch Shank Yellow T-Slot Cutter Woodworking Router Bit 1/2 Inch Hex Bolt:
Drillpro 10pcs 1/8 Inch Shank Wood Working Router Bit:
3.175 mm 17mm CEL 1 Flute Carbide End Mills Router Bit:
6mm 3 Flute HSS Aluminium Extra Long End Mill Cutter CNC Bit:
3.175mm Carbide CNC 4 Flute Spiral Bit End Mill Cutter:
10Pcs 0.1mm 30Degree Carbide PCB Board Engraving Bits CNC Router Tool V-shape:

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Twitter: https://goo.gl/fzWWcA

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