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First DIY CNC build (part 9) – TB6560 plus Arduino UNO is TRUE!

Download the wire diagrams as one .pdf file:
TB6560 and Arduino UNO wiring diagram.pdf

Figuring out how to connect the TB 6560 to the Arduino UNO using GRBL g-code to control my NEMA 23 steppers.
Explaining the pin layout on the Arduino (Genuino) UNO and the inputs/outputs on the TB6560.
I also make a wiring diagram how I connect the two electronics boards, these are available on my webpage.

Materials used in this project (banggood.com):
NEMA23 2.8A:
3pcs TB6560 3A Stepper Motor Drivers:
24V 14.6A Power Supply For CNC and 3D-printers:
CNC Shield V3 3D Printer and 4xA4988 Driver and Arduino UNO w/USB Cable:

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