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Clone one axis on the CNC shield for the Aduino UNO – CNC 3D Quick Tip

Wiring Diagrams:

I have gotten a few questions from some of you asking me how to clone one axis out on the “A” controller on the CNC shield for the Arduino uno. So i thought I would make a video about it. It’s quite easy if you know what to do. Someone has also asked me if they could connect two stepper motors to one controller. Thou this is theoretically possible I would not recommend doing it. To avoid problems you should control one stepper with one controller. I have also made two pictures where I try to explain how you can clone one axis on the CNC shield. The cloned axis is outputted on the controller marked “A” and has a red color.

Materials used in this project:
CNC Shield V3 3D Printer and 4xA4988 Driver and Arduino UNO w/USB Cable:

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