Roubo Style Workbench Part 4 – Base + Top = Flattening

In this part of the series I combine the two tops of the workbench with the base. After the glue up I have to build a router JIG to flatten the surface of the bench.

Part 1 – The design in Fusion 360:
Part 2 – Building the Benchtops:
Part 3 – Building the Base:
Part 4 – Combining Base + Top and flattening:
Part 5 – Inserts and Dowels:

Products used on this project: 90 Degree Stainless Steel Square Ruler:
90 Degree Angle Corner Ruler:
HILDA 760W Biscuit Jointer Wood Working Tenoning Machine:
Assorted Wood Biscuits for Tenon Machine:
Hilda 100mm Saw Blade for Biscuit Jointer:
MT2 Arbor Drill Chuck Mini Lathe Drill Chuck:

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