Roubo Style Workbench Part 1 – The DESIGN | Fusion 360 | Tutorial

Part 1 – The design in Fusion 360:
Part 2 – Building the Benchtops:
Part 3 – Building the Base:

How to make a model of a workbench in Fusion 360? In this example I make a Roubo Style Split Top Workbench that is going to be made out of maple soft wood (construction timber). All techniques used in this video can be applied to other design projects in Fusion 360.

Products used on this project: 90 Degree Stainless Steel Square Ruler:
90 Degree Angle Corner Ruler:
HILDA 760W Biscuit Jointer Wood Working Tenoning Machine:
Assorted Wood Biscuits for Tenon Machine:
Hilda 100mm Saw Blade for Biscuit Jointer:
MT2 Arbor Drill Chuck Mini Lathe Drill Chuck:

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