DIY Camera SLIDER (Part 3) – Assembly and more | 2-axis MOTORIZED

I finally manage to assemble the camera slider and get it working. for a long time I had problems with the electronics. this problem is now solved and the slider is working.
In the next video I will make a new wiring diagram and upload it to my website.

First of you have the wiring diagram:
Wiring Diagram

Here are the inputs and outputs on the Arduino Nano (notepad Docment):

Materials used in this project (
linear bearings:
small bearings:
Ball Joint 360 Swivel Mini for camera:
Nema17 stepper motor:
ATmega328P Arduino NANO:
5pcs a4988 stepper motor driver:
400 Holes Breadboard Kit:
5pcs 10K Potensiometers:
10pcs Plastic Rotary Taper for Potentiometer:
Switch ON/OFF:
3-mode switch ON/OFF/ON 6-pins:
10pcs Push button switch ON/OFF:
10pcs Limit switch:
Big Pulley 40 tooth:
Big Pulley 60 tooth:
Belt 60 Tooth Closed Loop 15mm Width:
Big timing belt with 4xGT2 pulleys:
GT2 Aluminum Timing Idlers Pulley:


Inspirational recourses:
Physics Anonymous video:

Physics Anonymous github arduino code:

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