Creality CR-10 Mini UNPACKING and First PRINT

I FINALLY got my own 3D printer. I have been n the look out for a long time after a good deal. I found it and bought it. In this video I unpack the Creality CR-10 Mini and assemble it and make my first print. This printer is exactly the same as the normal CR-10 except that the print size is 300x220x300 instead of 300x300x400.
I love this printer!

Do you want a good deal on a 3D-printer and/or accessories | and support me at the same time?

.:| My printer |:.
Creality 3D® CR-10 Mini DIY 3D Printer Kit 300*220*300mm:

.:| Upgrades for your Creality |:.
3D Printer Part Dual Z Axis Upgrade Kits With Stepper Motor & Lead Screw:
Creality 3D® 2PCS MK7/MK8 20*20*10mm Aluminum Heating Block:
Upgrade 3D Printer Black Extension Cables Kit:

.:| Other printers |:.
Creality 3D® CR-10 DIY 3D Printer Kit 300*300*400mm:
Creality 3D® CR-10S DIY 3D Printer Kit 300*300*400mm:
Creality 3D® CR-10 Blue DIY 3D Printer Kit 300*300*400mm:
Creality 3D® CR-10S Customized 400*400*400 Printing Size:
Creality 3D® CR-10S Customized 500*500*500 Printing Size:
TEVO® Standard Tarantula Prusa I3 DIY 3D Printer Kit 200x200x200mm:
JGAURORA® A5 DIY 3D Printer Kit Support Resume Print & Filament Run-Out Alarm 305*305*320mm:
Anet® A8 DIY 3D Printer Kit 1.75mm / 0.4mm:
TEVO® Tornado DIY 3D Printer Kit 300*300*400mm Large Printing Size 1.75mm 0.4mm:

.:| Filament deals |:.
1.75mm 1KG/Roll TLS-PLA 3D:
1.75mm 0.5kg Black/White Plastic PLA:
1.75mm 1kg Black/White Plastic PLA:
Aluminum/Bronze/Copper Color 1.75mm 0.5kg:
Aluminum/Bronze/Copper 1.75mm 1kg PLA:
1.75mm 0.5kg/1kg Wood Color PLA:

.:| Spare parts for your 3D-Printer |:.
Creality 3D® 5PCS 0.4mm Copper M6:
Creality 3D® 4PCS 28mm Stainless Steel Nozzle All Pass Throat:
Creality 3D® 5PCS 40 teeth 5mm Brass Extrusion Wheel:
Creality 3D® 5PCS Silver 1/8 Teeth Thread Nozzle Quick Direct Connector:
Creality 3D® 12V 40W 6X20mm Stainless Steel Single Head Cartridge Heater:
Creality 3D® CR-10S 12V 3D Printer Mainboard V2.1 Control Panel:
Creality 3D® 5M 2GT-6mm Synchronous Belt:
Nozzle Feed Teflon Tube For 3D Printer 1.75mm Filament:
0.2mm – 0.5mm 3D Printer Extruder Brass Nozzle Sprinkler Head:
3D Printer Nozzle Cleaning Tool Drill Bit For Extruder:
24V DC 40mm Cooling Fan For RepRap 3D Printer Hot End Extruder:
3Pcs 3D Printer 12V DC 50mm*50mm Blow Radial Cooling Fan:

.:| Tools for 3D-printing |:.
50mmx50m 50mm Wide 3D Printer Blue Tape:
Creality 3D® 1.5 Inches Stainless Steel 3D Printer Blad:
Creality 3D® 21g 24*98mm Special Non-toxic Washable Glue Stick:


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