DIY Camera SLIDER (Part 1) – Figuring out the ELECTRONICS | 2-axis MOTORIZED

In this series I embark on building a 2-axis motorized camera slider with sliding and panning of the camera. The slider will be controlled by a Arduino NANO and two NEMA17’s driven by a4988’s. The plan is to get this on a battery power supply so it can be used outdoors. In this first part I figure out roughly how the design is going to be and how to hook up and program the electronics so it can be controlled like intended.

First of you have the wiring diagram:
Wiring Diagram

Here are the inputs and outputs on the Arduino Nano (notepad Docment):

Materials used in this project (
linear bearings:
small bearings:
Ball Joint 360 Swivel Mini for camera:
ATmega328P Arduino NANO:
5pcs a4988 stepper motor driver:
400 Holes Breadboard Kit:
5pcs 10K Potensiometers:
10pcs Plastic Rotary Taper for Potentiometer:
Switch ON/OFF:
3-mode switch ON/OFF/ON 6-pins:
10pcs Push button switch ON/OFF:
10pcs Limit switch:
Big Pulley 40 tooth:
Big Pulley 60 tooth:
Belt 60 Tooth Closed Loop 15mm Width:
Big timing belt with 4xGT2 pulleys:
GT2 Aluminum Timing Idlers Pulley:


Inspirational recourses:
Physics Anonymous video:

Physics Anonymous github arduino code:

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